What Is Capital Gains And How Does It Benefit Your Property?

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What Is Capital Gains And How Does It Benefit Your Property?

What Is Capital Gains And How Does It Benefit Your Property?

It does not matter if you are looking to buy a property to live in, or if you prefer it as an investment tool.

There is a key factor to consider before acquiring a property of any kind, and you have surely heard the term ad nauseam:  it is about capital gain.

The capital gain is a great indicator of future profit on the money you invest in a property,  and thanks to this concept, investing in real estate becomes a future strategy.

But, as an investor or buyer, you should be able to identify the correct options and eliminate the incorrect ones to invest and that not very in the long run you benefit.

What Is Capital Gains?

We refer to capital gains as the increase in the value of a property over time.  There are various aspects by which the value of a property increases; in fact, real estate rarely fades away or loses value.

In order to calculate or have an estimate of what you will get once you acquire a property,  you must consider various factors such  as:

  • The supply and demand for a particular location.
  • The shops and infrastructure around it.
  • The development or development plans of new urban areas.
  • Drivers of the real estate market.
  • Available services.
  • Population growth.
  • Area security.

Where To Invest To Generate Capital Gains?

During the last years,  Yucatan has become a focus of interest  for investors and families who seek to grow their money and increase their quality of life.

What is this about? In that  Yucatan offers  security, economic prosperity, legal certainty of property, population explosion and job creation in industry and a lot of first class services.

The city of Mérida has witnessed this growth and there are residential areas that have doubled in value thanks to their levels of tranquility, affordable prices and the well-being it offers to its inhabitants.

Featured Developments To Invest In Mérida

Villas del Sol City Condos

Villas del Sol is one of the few premium housing projects that are built within the city  and close to everything, with no road problems or worries that come with modern life.

This development is located in one of the most traditional and safe residential areas in the city, as well as one of the highest value in the area; what’s more?

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Its location allows you to enjoy the  proximity of shopping malls, parks and access to the two largest main avenues  in all of Merida.

It is undoubtedly an ideal development  for young couples or foreign families who seek to settle in the state capital  and enjoy in a comfortable and safe way, with  first-class amenities  that are rarely obtained in a low-density development and  at a low price. unmatched.

Arietta North Cape

North Cape is a sustainable development project that raises a unique sense of community that adapts to all needs.

This comprehensive development consists of unique amenities that favor and promote balance in daily life with a great sense of belonging.

Arietta is a residential area that offers the opportunity to  live in contact with nature  and to do so in an avant-garde and modern way  without losing the proximity to the city and around commercial areas such as  La Isla Mérida  and other landmarks of the city.

Yucatan Country Club

Buying a house away from the city will always be the best decision for those who are thinking of having a lifestyle away from pollution, noise and prefer to be more in contact with nature and not for that reason to leave aside luxury, security and exclusivity.

Yucatan Country Club,  a planned macro-community of more than 300 hectares located north of the city and awarded with international awards, is located in the fastest growing area of ​​Yucatan.

This development offers you a lifestyle considered the best in Mexico: a country and sub-urban life minutes from the city and  Vía Montejo, another impressive development.

The Country Club has the best Club House full of amenities:  spa, restaurants, bars, panoramic gym, paddle tennis, tennis and soccer courts, as well as El Jaguar Golf Course  (the heart of the community).

Your life in Yucatan Country will represent perhaps the best investment that your portfolio can buy, as it has proven to have a  capital gain of up to 500% in 10 years, and even higher.

Would you like to know more about other real estate investment opportunities?  Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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