The Five Apps To Manage Your Finances


The Five Apps To Manage Your Finances

The Five Apps To Manage Your Finances

We are already in the last month of the year 2021, that point where the New Year’s resolutions begin to take the course that they will follow for the next year, whether they become a forgotten wish or they take the form of real goals with feet and head.

At the end of 2021 we will talk to you about some resolutions for 2022 that you should consider if you wanted to achieve financial health.

Today we would like to talk to you about some of the applications for your smartphone that will help you achieve at least one of your goals.

Five Apps To Manage Your Finances

  1. Fin tonic

It is one of the most popular applications to control your finances since it allows you to have all your financial products in one place.

This application available for iOS and Android allows you to organize your finances thanks to the fact that you keep track of both your cash payments and your bank transactions.

A plus of this application is that it has an assistant that gives you advice on how to dispose of your finances, as well as accounts with alerts that notify you if your cards have been charged by the bank such as: commission charges, duplicate charges, overdrafts, etc.

  1. Dollar Bird

As we told you in our blog to learn how to manage your money it is essential to make a budget.

Dollar Bird is an extremely interesting application available for iOS and Android since it works through a personalized calendar that allows you to enter an initial budget and as you add your expenses, they are deducted from the budget entered at the beginning.

And to make your finances even more organized, the app allows you to create labels in which to pigeonhole your data so that at the end of each month you can make a detailed analysis between month and month.

  1. Money Wiz
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For some people this is the most complete and efficient application to manage their finances without problems, this because the platform itself is quite intuitive and easy to use.

The application motivates you to put all your accounts in the same place so you can keep track of all your money and expenses, which allows you to make forecasts about your finances.

It also has a reminder section so that you never miss paying a bill again.

This application is available for iOS and Android starting at $99.00 per month.

  1. i Expenses

This application is exclusive for iOS users.

With a simple and intuitive design, it allows you to organize your expenses and receive weekly, monthly or annual summaries in addition to organizing your expenses by categories.

It is one of the best free options for this operating system.

  1. Spendee

In Spendee you can keep track of your finances manually or through a totally secure synchronization to your bank account.

It is an excellent option for those who are not so familiar with financial issues as it offers educational material and a super intuitive interface.

Some of the actions that you can carry out with this application are:

  • Add goals and budgets.
  • Family expense planner.
  • Bill payment (alerts).

Those are the five applications that will help you meet your goals this 2021 and that will bring you one step closer to the much-desired financial health.

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